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Sales & Manufacturing - SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Fiori®

ABeam Cloud® Global Sales and Manufacturing Template is a grand design of ABeam Consulting's knowledge and experience in various business and industries built on the cloud platform. At SAPPHIRE, ABeam will demonstrate how you can optimize your business processes with our ABeam Cloud® Global Sales and Manufacturing Template. User friendly UX and wide coverage of ABeam Cloud® functionality supports enterprises with the adoption of SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Fiori 2.0® for real time management of business performance.

About ABeam Cloud®
Business Applications / Global Sales and Manufacturing Template

ABeam Cloud® is a service comprised of business application, cloud service which includes service applications, security & monitoring, global networks, infrastructure services, maintenance and operation service all in one package. Global Sales and Manufacturing Template is one of the industry-specific template group and is an important component of business applications.
Our business applications are designed to accommodate critical considerations in core systems, such as localization and usability. ABeam publishes application updates to accomplish compliance with laws, regulation changes and statutory requirements as well as part of localization.
ABeam Cloud® Global Sales and Manufacturing Template offers business process templates and pre-configured system, supported by over 100 add-on programs and over 2000 deliverables that enable a speedy implementation at a low cost, empowering your company to make the business advancement.

Flexible and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
Reliable Maintenance and Operation Services

Securing IT maintenance resource and cost of maintenance are major challenges for many companies. ABeam address such issues by providing cost-saving, stable, secure, and scalable solution and support.

One Stop Service

From implementation and license contract to the entire lifecycle of SAP usage, ABeam Consulting is ready to support customers. System updates, such as SAP Notes application and testing, are managed by ABeam’s dedicated team to ensure not only the stability of the system, but also an active use of the IT resource.

PMC License

ABeam Cloud® offers Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) licenses to its users. PMC licenses are leased from ABeam Consulting. Number of licenses can be added or reduced to best fit the needs of the business, unlike the traditional SAP license. PMC license is offered by only limited SAP cloud service providers.